Be our first patients and you will get a discount for life:

You must sign contract acknowledging these rules an restrictions

  • 15% discount on your out of pocket expenses for patients without dental insurance
  • 15% discount on your out of pocket expenses for those with dental insurance
  • 15% discount on your out of pocket expenses: APEX Dental Partners Preferred patient program members.


Discount for Life is available in the Boston (West Roxbury) Office only.

Discount for Life is only applicable on your out of pocket expenses after you have exhausted primary, secondary insurance payments and deductibles on the said procedure. This is not an across the board discount for insurance clients, it is applicable only on an individual basis. Insurance deductible must be collected in advance and is not subject to this discount.


The following are Rules and Restrictions that are applicable to participants of this program.  Please read it thoroughly and carefully.  We reserve the right to make changes and/or discontinue this program at any time without any advanced notice.  In order for you to enjoy the said benefits of the DFL program, the following rules must be followed.


Rules: (Violation of any one of the following rule will subject to lost of membership status.)


  1. Annual Maintenance Fee:  First year free. $200 per person (For those patient with dental insurance the maintenance fee is $100. This is a separate fee it is NOT going to satisfy your annual deductibles)
  2. $50 appointment deposit:  Regardless of your appointment needs, we are kindly requesting a deposit of $50 to secure your appointment slot at the time of appointment.  This $50 will be applied toward the procedure you are scheduled for, in event there’s excess, the remaining amount will be rolled over for your next appointment.
  3. No cancellation of appointments: appointment may be changed or rescheduled at least 7 days in advance.  Last minute change, cancellation, no show or late by more than 5 minutes are all considered as cancellation. Your $50 deposit will be forfeited. If there are more than 3 cancellations within any 5 year period, you will automatically lose your DFL membership.
  4. Payment: No payment plan is allowed for DFL members. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, and credit cards. CareCredit™ is available for an additional processing fees. Payment is due in full at the time of service.  In event there is insurance payments, we will do our best in estimating your portion of payment with the applied discount at the time of service.  Any discrepancies will be due immediately after insurance payments.
  5. Minimal two (2) Routine Appointments (Prophy’s) per year, no exceptions.
    (Routine Appointment include checkup, prophy cleaning, x-ray and fluoride treatment)
  6. Follow through with minimally recommended treatment protocols.  Although we will always present you with best treatment options (BTO), we also understand that BTO is not meant for everyone.  Regardless of the reasons, we must make sure each and every one of our patient achieves the minimally required oral health standards. Violating this minimally required oral health standard will place our doctors’ licensure and ultimately their malpractice insurance coverage in jeopardy. It is within our rights to dismiss any non-compliant patient.
  7. Be courteous and non-disruptive: You have to be nice to us as we are nice to you. It’s that simple. We reserve the rights to dismiss patient with any disruptive behavior/personality.


  1. This DFL program is on a per patient basis, not per family basis.  It is not transferable.
  2. Percentage discount is not applicable to Dental Implant surgery and related procedures, bone grafts, sinus lift, Invisalign™, and CEREC™.
    1. Dental Implants: $1,000 off when implant surgery, bone graft, custom abutment and crown are all performed in our office.
    2. Invisalign™:  $1,000 off any full treatment Invisalign™ cases.
    3. CEREC™: Percentage discount will apply, but there’s a $300 surcharge.
  3. Lumineer™, SNAPon Smile™, and other major dental procedures, discounts will be addressed on a case by case basis.



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