As a proud partner member of the APEX Dental Partners, ABS Dentistry of Boston will be happy to accept APEX Dental Partners Prepaid-Card program as a mean of payment for your dental procedures.


This Prepaid-Card can be activated according to the following rules and restrictions.

1) One card per patient.  Card value is not transferable and can only apply to specific member's portion of his/her account.

2) Activate your Prepaid Card by the following means:

     a) Deposit $100.00 into your new card account, which may be used to pay for treatment immediately.

     b) Refer a patient who had completed their first Recall appointment visit.

3) Prepaid card value can be used toward purchase of any merchandise or services offered by Our Partner facility. However the value cannot be redeemed for cash.

4) You can earn bonus according to the following schedule:

     a) Initial Deposit of $100 will earn $25 additional value = $125

     b) Deposit of $1,000 will earn $75 additional value = $1,075

     c) Deposit of $2,500 will earn $200 additional value = $2,700

     d) Deposit of $5,000 will earn $500 additional value = $5,500

     e) Deposit of $5,001 or more will earn an additional 10%

5) Although set value had no expiration date or maintenance fees, it is however subject to local laws governing Gift Card, or Pre-paid Card programs.

6) Card value cannot be used for the means of appointment deposit.

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