Digital Dentistry

Digital X-rays Give You Less Radiation and More Information!

Our office provides you with the best in dental imaging. Your films will require less radiation

and no time to develop. We value your time and have invested in this technology to make our

exams more efficient and effective. When needed your films will appear before you on a 42 inch

monitor where you and the doctor can see every detail of your teeth and gums and discuss any

questions you may have


You Can See Your Teeth With Digital Intra Oral Photos

Have you every wished that you could see exactly what your dentist was talking about. Now you

can with our crystal clear intra oral photos you will be able to see the smallest of details clearly

and track changes in your mouth over time. Your digital photos will be saved in your chart as

reference should the need ever arise to compare past and current conditions. Finally, you will be

able to be an active participant in your dental care with the ability to see everything we see.


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Laser in Dentistry

Digital X-ray

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