If this is a life EMERGENCY... Call 911

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Emergency Service

Although our preventative dental care is very comprehensive, and we stride to help you in avoiding emergency dental problems.  But emergency situation do arise from time to time, and we will be right here for you. We work hard to make sure every effort is used to see our patients with emergencies on the same day they call.  Please be flexible as to your time and your patience.

Our emergency on-call number is either:

Fort Lee, NJ                    Boston, MA

(201) 224-4400             (617) 390-5731

If there is no answer, you may text message to:

(201) 956-5600

Please make sure to include:

- Your name

- Your status, (existing patient or new patient)

- Which office location

- Best numbers to return your call at (home, work and cell)

- Nature of your emergency


Note: After-office hours, our on-call doctors may not be able to respond to you immediately.  However they are required to check-in on a regular basis.  Therefore there may be a longer than usual wait time.


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