Payment is due in full at the time of service.

At ABSDentistry, we like to make your oral health care affordable. We offer a variety of payment arrangements.

  1. Cash, Check, Visa, M/C, & American Express
    Payment in full is due when services are performed unless special financial arrangement have been made prior to treatment.
  2. 10% Courtesy
    A 10% courtesy will be given when services are paid in full prior to your appointment date.
  3. Dental Financing Plan (CareCredit™)
    We have made special arrangements with CareCredit™ to finance your dental work with approved credit.  This will allow you to complete your dental work without delay, make no initial payment and low monthly payment with interest free options.


Dental Insurance:

Dental insurance is simply a form of payment. This form of payment requires complex paperwork that our office staff will be glad to assist. We will assist you submitting all the forms necessary along with any supporting documents. Filling these forms is not a means of guarantee payment, if there's no payment for any reason, it is your (the patient's) responsibility to contact insurance company to question, or ask for a reconsideration or appeal. You are the policy holder, so they work for you.


We accept all insurance as a form of payment. Please keep in mind that Most insurance companies do NOT cover 100% of all dental expenses. You are responsible for your portion that is not covered by your insurance. An estimate of this payment is due at the time of your treatment.  If there's a balance due after your insurance company pays their portion, you will be billed for the unpaid amount. Furthermore, you are responsible for any charges exceed your benefits.


Treatment Estimates:

Treatment Estimate simply put is an Estimate. Dental treatment fees given to you are based on the treatment anticipated at the initial comprehensive examination.  Some teeth may have hidden decay, fracture, infections, or other unanticipated conditions that will require more extensive dental treatment.  In situations where additional charges are involved, we will help you file an amendment to your insurance company.  Any charges exceeds your maximum allowable benefits will be your responsibility.


Late Payment Fee:

There is a Late Payment Charge of $25.00 for any balance that is over 30-days pass due.


Return Check Fee:

A $50.00 charge will be applied to all return checks. ©2018 Dental Equity Group, LLC